Wednesday, May 7, 2014


My oldest child is now a senior in high school with less than 3 weeks left.  And I am pleased to announce that his going to a PAC 12 college. 

I recently told a mom who has an 11 year old daughter who was just diagnosed with dyslexia about his pending college career and she cried. 

She does not even know my son and she cried. 

She cried because it gave her hope.

I know what she felt like.  I remember being in that space.

Don't give up, focus on the whole person, not just their learning differences.

These kids have bright futures and exciting journeys!  Enjoy it!

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  1. My name is Craig Williams and I am a recent college graduate in mechanical engineering and I am dyslexic. I am about to start my own blog and scholarship program. I have had the opportunity to speak to many young kids and moms about being dyslexic and how you can still succeed. I wish there was more people like you and your son to inspire hope.