Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Journey into Dyslexia

We watched the documentary and WOW - it was powerful! Here were my take aways:

* LOTS of super smart and super creative people with dyslexia.

* We have only been reading as a culture for the last 5000 years. Before that there were people with dyslexia and it did not matter because they were not asked to use the part of the brain that is best suited for understanding symbols that turn into words. They were probably the leaders of those times because they could see the big picture!

* Dyslexia can be seen in brain scans - a complete different part of the brain lights up when people with dyslexia read.

* No two people have the same kind of dyslexia - how it affects a person is different in everyone. So there is no one way to tackle the issue.

* Dyslexia is truly a gift if you can learn to manage it enough to make it thru school with your self esteem in tact.