Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Whole Child

All of us are made up of three parts: spirit, soul, and body. It’s good to remember this as you work thru issues with your children. You are not just working on the mind. You are working on the development of your child’s spirit, body, and soul (emotions).

Often parents of kids with learning disabilities spend so much time focused on getting the child to learn, that they lose focus of the rest of the child and the abilities associated in those areas.

Take the time to step back and have a “come to think of it” moment. For example, as you step back and look at the total person who makes up your child, you might say, “Come to think of it, he is so perceptive to other peoples needs.” Or, “Come to think of it, he is having fewer ‘meltdowns’ when struggling with a new concept.” Or, "come to think of it, he really rocks it on the soccer field."

Not only is it important to just recognize these different "parts" of your child, but you should also realize that your child’s energies may be going toward the development of another, less academic area right now, and that’s OK. Spiritual, emotional, and physical growth is just as important as academic growth.

Keep your end goal in mind and you will begin to see that those non-academic areas definitely have their place.